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Back for these's

Rogue Assassin 17/?

Title: Rogue Assassin
Author: Vickie
Rating: NC17 - Whole story
Summary: Assassin Rogue is hired to kill Wolverine.
Genre: Action, Humor
Setting: AU
Disclaimer: Nope still don't own it.
Notes: Thanks go to CaffineYankee for the beta.

Standing behind the perplex glass, Rogue smile at Logan. "Alone at last."


Logan stared at Rogue, running his eyes up and down her body. He growled, “Quite the show ya put on darlin.” 

“Thanks sugah,” she replied. “Ah always wanted to be an actress, it was a dream ya know.”

“Then how did you end up as a killer for hire?”

“Luck ah guess. Ya know what it’s like, back when ah started as was only good at two things,” she admitted.

“What’s was that?” Logan asked.

Smiling, “Well ah was gonna say fighting and fucking, but that’s your line. Meh… ah was a thief and a killer.”

“And you’re proud of that?”

“It’s a living, and ah’m good at it. Besides it’s not like you can say ya any better.” she told him.


“Ah got ya in mah head sugah,” she explained. “All ya memories. Well the ones you actually remember.” she taunted.

Logan’s head snapped up glaring at her, he asked, “Ya think it funny that some bastards wiped my memory?”

“Yeah, hilarious,” she deadpanned. “Sugah, ah don’t care about ya memories, you, or this whole fucking place. Ah was hired to do a job, that’s it. Ah don’t give shit about anything else. Hell, for all ah care ya could have been a solider during the war, ya could of stormed Normandy beach and it’ll mean jack to me…” she trailed off as images flashed through her mind. “It seems ya might of…”


“Been a solider. Ah just saw an image of you in a soldier’s uniform,” she told him.

“What? How? Chuck said if I couldn’t remember my past than you probably wouldn’t remember it either”

“Yeah, cos we know the Professor always tells the truth.” Rogue snorted. 

“You’ve got my memories? The ones I’ve lost?” Logan asked hopefully.

“No.” Rogue answered.

“You just said you thought I was in the army,” Logan roared.

“No. Ah said ah saw you in a solder’s uniforms, never said anything about having your forgotten memories.” Rogue clarified. 

“If you saw that, there’s a chance ya got more of my memories.”

“Yeah. There’s also a chance that ah haven’t.”

“Just look for them will ya?” Logan growled. 


“Why not?”

“Cos ah told ya, ah don’t care.”

“Oh for fucks sake,” Logan roared.

Rolling her eyes, Rogue looked at Logan. Letting out a sigh she said, “Fine, ah’ll look. But this doesn’t mean anything. Ah’m still gonna kill ya.”

Rogue sat down on the cot in the cell and crossed her legs, sitting in a mediation position. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath then exhaled. Entering her mind, she pushed all of the others occupations back, binding them and silencing their voices. Pulling Logan forward she reached out and held him. Remembering the mental tricks she had learnt to control her own mind, she pictured a house, walked towards it, opened the front door and walked in. Once inside the house she pictured more doors along a corridor stretching out in front of her. Walking to the doors she opened them randomly, seeing images of Logan’s remembered past, his string of sexual conquests, cage fights, X-Men missions, his history with Sabretooth, waking up naked in the snow. Opening another door, Rogue was thrown back at the memories that assaulted her, his memories of his days at the lab; she was force to witness some of the torture he endured before she was able to close the door. She moved further down the corridor, the further she walked the darker it seemed to get until she finally reached the end. She stood in front of a big metal door. Reaching out she tried to open it but was unable. The door was covered in rust and was seemly wielded shut. Nothing she tried would open the door.. Conceding defeat she backed away and retreated out of her mind.

Opening her eyes Rogue shook her head, taking a minute to get her mind in order once again. Standing up she walked to the front of her cell and stared at Logan.

“Well?” he asked impatiently. 

Rogue shook her head, “Sorry. Ah couldn’t get to them.” She told him, “They’re there, ah just couldn’t break the door down.” 

“Fuck,” Logan growled.

“Hey sugah, if ah’ve got them that means you have too. Just ask the Professor to help, or ya darling Jeannie.” Rogue told him.

“He’s already tried; said there’s nothing he can do.” 

Rogue snorted, “What, and you believed him?” 

“You saying he’s lying?” Logan asked.

“Would it surprise you? After what you saw tonight?” Rogue said, “He’s kept Kurt in the dark about his past, why not you?”

“Why? What’s he got to gain from keeping me from learning about my past?”

“Ya know it’s lucky you’re so sexy, cos ya thick as shit,” Rogue insulted. “The same thing he gets from hiding Mystique from Kurt. Another powerful mutant for his band of freaks. He gets you his own pet Wolverine.”

“I’m no ones pet,” Logan snarled.

“Sugah who you kidding,” Rogue replied. “Xavier’s got you on a leash. Ah’ve got ya memories. Ah know what you are, ya like meh. You don’t give a fuck about human-mutant coexistence. Fighting and fucking, baby, it’s what you like, what ya good at, and that’s my personal opinion. Ya don’t give a shit about all this fancy shit - mansions and private jets, snot-nosed little brats running around, having to put with Scott and his two-dollar whore. Xavier knows all that, so what he does is he dangles your past under your nose. Not a lot, just enough to keep you interested, to keep you coming back.”

“You expect me to believe that?”

“Believe what ya want sugah. But ask yaself this: Where’s Xavier getting all his information from? He keeps giving you all this info on abandoned military labs and all that shit. But how the fuck does he know? He sure as hell ain’t responsible for shutting them down. Ah know some of the people who are responsible for shutting them down, and believe meh, they sure as hell don’t work for Xavier.”

Logan thought about what she had said. Remembering all the information Xavier had given him over the years, this one thought stuck in his head ~ Everything I’ve learnt over the last few years has had one thing in common. It all brings me back here; to Xavier’s. ~ He looked at Rogue studying her carefully. Rogue stared him in the eyes without flinching.

“Sugah, ah’m a bitch, ah’m a thief and ah’m killer, but ah’m also the only one in this whole fucking place that’s honest. Yeah, ah use it to mah advantage, and ah’d fuck all of ya over in a heartbeat, but sugah, that’s life.” she told him. “But hey, why don’t you go and ask the good ol Professor? Ah’m sure he won’t mind. Right about now he’s probably trying to convince Kurt that he was trying to protect him about by not telling him that Mystique is he’s mother. Then he’ll have to fix Scott and Jean’s marriage…yeah Kitty probably get the blame for that, Scott and Jean being his favourites and all. It’ll be Kitty seduced Scott, which caused Jean to fuck any male with a pulse. It’s complete bullshit. But hey, Scott and Jean can’t be to blame.”

Rogue turned round and walked over to her cot. Sitting down on it she looked at Logan. “Go on sugah.. You go and see for yaself. Ah be here waiting for ya, ah ain’t going anywhere,” she told him.

Taking one last look at Rogue, Logan walked out of the holding cell area heading to Xavier’s office, determined to get some answers.

Watching him walk out the door, Rogue moaned, “Ah miss him all ready.”


i am absolutely in love with your fic. so AU, but so wonderful.

hope to see some more of this fine ass story! `=D
Darn, I was hoping to see some hot smut. Oh well, plot development isn't a bad second choice. :P